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Lindt 35 gram bar in choice of foil colours
Foiled Only 35 gram Lindt Bar
Foiled 35 gram Lindt bar available in choice of foil colours
Price Varies
Caramel Bliss caramelised white chocolate bar
Caramel Bliss Bar Wholesale 50 Pack
Caramelised white chocolate bar made with decadent 35% cacao white chocolate.

Approx 135mm x 77mm x 9mm thickness at 90 grams.

Pack of 50 bars. For wholesale buyers only.

Recommended Retail Price $6.95

Coconut Bliss Bar
Coconut Bliss Bar 15 Pack
Chocolate Works presents it's delicious version of the traditional coconut rough treat.

A 100 gram bar of rich creamy milk chocolate with desiccated coconut.

15 bars per pack

Chocolate Bunny Head
Chocolate Easter Bunny Large Heads

Chocolate Bunny Head in customised packaging with optional toppings. Moulded Bunny shaped Head. Premium Milk, dark or white Chocolate. Bagged  with customised sticker and optional ribbon, sprinkles or hundreds and thousands. Sprinkles available in 9 colours. 85mm x 70mm. 40g.

Price Varies
Chocolate Wonka Bar
Wonka Bar 20Pk
Milk chocolate bar presented in gold foil and glossy printed "WONKA BAR" wrapper. Approx 120mm x 60mm x 8mm thickness at 60 grams. Pack of 20 bars.
Naughty and Nice Xmas Bars
Chocolate Christmas Naughty & Nice Chocolate Bars
Delicious milk chocolate bar in silver foil with printed wrapper applied. Chocolates are moulded with Naughty or Nice embossing. Orders will contain half Naughty and half Nice chocolates. Call for alternative mixes. MOQ 20 units.
Price Varies
Custom Christmas Lindt Bars
Chocolate Christmas Wrapped Lindt™ Bar Custom Wrapper
Lindt milk chocolate bar presented in choice of foil colours and custom printed wrapper. MOQ 20 units
Price Varies
The Great Aussie Waffle Log 2.0
The Great Aussie Waffle Log 2.0 - 24Pk
The Great Aussie Waffle Log 2.0 recreates an iconic chocolate bar from the past. A crispy wafer roll filled with creamy marshmallow and coated in milk chocolate. Despatch time is approximately 1 - 2 weeks. Price includes $20 flat rate Australia wide shipping. Order for 2 boxes of 12 - total of 24 bars. Note: These are a hand made product - weight may vary between 50-60 grams.
Chocolate Foils
Packaging Foil Sheets 1kg

Foil Sheets for chcolate wrapping.

Sheet size is 500mm x 350mm.

Available in a range of 25 colours - some exclusive to Chocolate Works.

Sheets can be cut to required size for you.  (Charge applies)

Price is for 1 kilo of sheets (approx. 210 sheets).

$30.00 - $35.00
Christmas Budget Minis
Chocolate Christmas Wrapped Budget Mini with custom wrapper
Belgian milk chocolate napolitain in silver foil and custom printed wrapper. MOQ 100 units.
Price Varies
Mega 1 kilo Wonka Bar (1 bar)

For those of you not content with the standard Wonka Bar, here's a mega bar.  1 kilo of milk chocolate presented in gold foil and glossy printed "WONKA BAR" wrapper. Approx 210mm x 165mm x 22mm thickness at 1000 grams.

Milk Chocolate Chilli Bliss
Chilli Bliss Bar _ Retailers Packs
This one is for the spice lovers. A 100 gram bar of rich creamy milk chocolate with chilli powder flavouring.

Retailers pack of 30, 60, 90 and 120 bars.

Recommended Retail Price is $5.00

$90.00 - $340.00