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Chocolates for Christmas

Chocolates with a Christmas theme ideal for Christmas parties and events and businesses in the Christmas industry.

Chocolates for Celebrations

Chocolates for celebrations like birthdays, fathers day, mothers day etc.

Chocolates for Christening

Chocolate designs suited to Christenings and other events with a baby or small child theme.

Chocolates for Weddings

Chocolates for wedding bombonniere, table scatters and businesses in the wedding industry.

Chocolates for Halloween

Chocolates with a halloween theme.  Monsters and witches and pumpkins to celebrate halloween.

Chocolates for Mother's Day

A wonderful range of chocolates to celebrate Mother's Day with Mum.

Chocolates for Father's Day

Great Fathers Day chocolates for your Dad this year.

Chocolates for Melbourne Cup

Chocolates for the Melbourne Cup 2015 or other racing themed events.

Chocolates for Kids

Chocolates for kids parties and events.

Chocolate for Adults Only (R)

WARNING - This category contains graphic images that may be offensive to some people. We recommend only persons over 18 years of age continue.

Chocolate Customised Build your Own

Customisable chocolates that allow you to create your own chocolate design, shapes and packaging ideal for business promotions and hospitality.

Chocolate Corporate Gifts & Promotions

Chocolate products that are suited to corporate gift giving.

Chocolate Foiled Variety

A wide range of chocolate designs that are suitable for presentation in our wide range of foil colours.

Chocolate Foiled Bars

Chocolate bars in foil.  Plain bars plus a range of  bars suitable for weddings and other special occasions with wording embossed in the chocolate.

Chocolate Printed Smarties™ / Beans


Custom printed smarties and chocolate beans.

Chocolate Stamped & Plain Coins

Chocolate Gold Coins with a range of stamped messages.

Chocolate Great Aussie Waffle Log Retail

The Great Aussie Waffle Log recreates an iconic chocolate bar from the 80's with a blend of delicious smooth marshmallow inside a crispy wafer roll coated in creamy milk chocolate.

Chocolate Freckles

Range of chocolate freckles including giant chocolate freckles and our exclusive range of freckletters.

Chocolate Anatomies

Chocolate body parts in single pieces or in gift boxes.

Chocolate Lollipops

Chocolate Lollipops are a great twist on the traditional lollipop but in delicious chocolate.

Chocolate Animals & Insects

Chocolates in animal and insect shapes chocolates.  Great for kids parties and themed events.

Chocolate Aussie Icons

Range of Australian themed chocolates including Australian icons and animals.

Chocolate CD's

Chocolate CD Roms with various embossed messages.

Chocolate Flowers

Chocolate Flowers and leaves and other items from nature.

Chocolates for Fashion

Chocolate designs with a fashion theme - great for fashion events and businesses in the fashion industry.

Chocolate Numbers

A range of letter and number chocolates.

Chocolates for Music

Chocolates with a musical theme.  Great for musical events and music themes.

Chocolates for Sports

Chocolates with a sporting theme suitable for sports events and businesses with a sporting theme.

Chocolates Buy Bulk

Bulk packed chocolates - great for parties etc.

Chocolates for Transport

Chocolates with a transport theme.  Cars, trucks, planes etc.  Great for transport company marketing and promotions.

Chocolate Foils Buy Bulk

A range of coloured foils for wrapping your chocolates in.

Chocolate Buttons

Milk, white and dark chocolate buttons for making your own chocolates at home.

Chocolate Customised Moulds

A range of chocolate moulds for making your own chocolates at home.

Packaging Options

A range of packaging options such as boxes and bags for diy packaging.

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