Mother's Day Pack of Ten Wrapped Bars With Classic Mum Quotes

Classic Mum Quotes Chocolate Bars
Chocolate Varieties
As long as you're under my roof wrapper
Back In my day wrapper
Because I said so wrapper
Close the door wrapper
Do as I say wrapper
Don't make me come over wrapper
Don't sit too close wrapper
Go ask your father wrapper
I wasn't born yesterday wrapper
Wash your mouth out wrapper
If I've told you once wrapper
Jump off a cliff wrapper
If the wind changes wrapper
If you don't stop crying wrapper
If you kids can;t be quiet wrapper
Its all going to end in tears wrapper
Wait till your father gets home wrapper
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Size: Approx 145mm x 55mm each
Weight: Approx 600 grams total
Pack Size: 10 bars
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Looking for something different for Mum this Mother's Day?

Celebrate Mum on Mother's Day with a ten pack of chocolate bars with wrappers with classic Mum sayings shipped straight to your Mum.

Each pack contains ten large chocolate bars in foil and printed wrappers all featuring different things Mum used to say to you as a kid.

You can choose from 5 different chocolate styles milk, white, dark, mint flavoured dark and caramel flavoured milk.

There are 30 different Mum sayings to choose from so you're sure to find some of your Mum's classics.

Bars are 145mm x 55mm weighing 60 grams and are moulded with #BESTMUM in the chocolate.

Your ten pack comes presented in a glossy white presentation box with ribbon and custom gift card.

Pricing includes shipping to Australian addresses and PO Boxes.


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